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Reiki Mind Body Spirit

Reiki Therapy to De-stress, Detox & Relax

What is Reiki?

The definition of 'Reiki' is a free passage of Universal Life Force Energy. In Japan, 'Rei' means spirit or soul. In Chinese, the syllable 'lei' means subtle influences or force. The syllable 'Ki' in Japanese is similar to that of the Chinese 'Chi' or in India, 'Prana', meaning Universal life force energy.

Tibetan Usui Shiki Ryoho (TUSR) style Reiki was developed towards the end of the nineteenth century by Dr Mikao Usui, after re-discovering an age old spiritual healing formula from ancient Sanskrit sutras. The formula focused not only on treating the physical, but mainly the spirit, which in turn, would enable the healing of the physical. Before his transition, Usui passed on his teachings to sixteen masters, including Dr Chujiro Hayashi. Hayashi later passed these teachings on to Mrs Hawayo Takata, who was instrumental in bringing Reiki to the West.

When Reiki is given, focused or concentrated Universal life force energy is channelled through the Reiki Practitioner to the client/recipient, enabling deep relaxation and promoting healing by the body's own natural healing response system. At Ora Reiki, Reiki-charged crystals can also be used to enhance this process. All clients have reported immediate stress reduction and deep relaxation, feeling much lighter and calmer, as well as experiencing an incredibly restful night's sleep and overall sense of well being. Some have reported feeling an immediate energy shift in their bodies, similar to a sense of becoming clearer and unblocked. Reiki always flows exactly where it is needed.

(To find out all about Reiki sessions with Reiki Mind Body Spirit, please visit the 'About' page)

What a Reiki Mind Body Spirit session offers:

Deep Relaxation

Generating immediate stress reduction and deep relaxation to activate the body's own natural healing response system. We all have within us the ability to heal ourselves. In order for self-healing to take place, a stress-free mind is beneficial for a better functioning body.

De-stress - P.E.M.S Bodies

Clearing and unblocking the P.E.M.S bodies - (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). Blockages incurred through stress in our every day living, or over periods of time, can interrupt the natural flow of our energy, which we need to be clear for optimal mind, body and soul function and connection.

Detox - Chakra Clearing

Realigning and recharging chakras and energy points with concentrated, channelled Universal life force energy or 'Chi', 'Ki' or 'Prana', which can be further enhanced with the use of crystal energy. After the detox process, plenty of fresh, clear water must be consumed, in order to aid in the flushing from the body of toxins that have been shifted.